Friday, May 31, 2013

First House Guest: Keep Calm & Make Do

My husband and I just passed our first anniversary in our new home and our now hosting our first house guests - my parents.  This is exciting, since now we have a somewhat guest room for them to use.  However, up until this point, our "guestroom" was the repository for all the furniture we didn't have a place for and probably needed to get rid of.

So, with our guests soon to arrive, we needed to transform our guest room into someplace they would want to stay - but we also didn't want to spend a whole lot of money.

First step - a cheap bureau.  I found this white 6 drawer bureau at Big Lots for $99.  We had to put it together (ugh), but it came with a choice of drawer pulls.  I like how we used the crystal pulls on the top row and the plainer pulls on the bottom drawers.

Next, I added a vintage scarf to cover the top of the bureau.  I bought the little mirror for $5, then painted the frame silver, changing it from the original brown color.  The middle painting I bought on clearance from HomeGoods, and  I already had the blue matted painting in my collection.  It's not showroom perfect, but it will do :)

I then found a nice storage basket for the guest bathroom.

This basket was just the right size to fit on our bathroom vanity.  I filled it with hand towels and toiletries for my parents stay.  I added some little packages of ear plugs and bath items from hotels we had visited.  I hope I have everything they might need.

What do you think?  Will it do?