Monday, January 20, 2014

A Handmade Heart

So going into yesterday, my husband and I had a little bet on.  If my team won a certain football game, my husband would take me out to lunch during the week.  If his team won, he wouldn't.  I know this doesn't sound like much of a bet, and it isn't, but we rarely go out during the work week so this would be a silly special treat.

And I was so sure my team was going to win that I decided to make a sweet little heart-shaped pin/brooch to wear on my victory lunch date.  I grabbed a bunch of things I had on hand and came up with this button collage pin (or can be used as a pendant).  Romantic/funky/vintage/eclectic - it's all these things and I really like it.

But then, in the late afternoon, my team lost and my lunch date plans were dashed.  Sadness - for both my Patriots and my dream date.

But the story has a happy ending (I hope):  my hubby, being the great guy that he is, announced that he would honor our lunch date!  He's going to take me and my heart-shaped button pin out to lunch this week!

In celebration, I've put this pin/pendant tutorial up on my Hubpages for everyone to enjoy!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Folded Ribbon Welcome Wreath

For some reason, our neighbors are very quick to take down their holiday decorations.  Then our Christmas door decoration seems a little lost outside on its own.  But it's still too early to put up my Spring wreath.

Enter my latest wreath project - the Folded Ribbon Welcome Wreath.  This wreath features a unique interlocking accordion pleat made with two contrasting ribbons.  My decoration has a winter feel, but you could certainly switch the colors to match any decor or season.  Check out the tutorial and other craft ideas on my Hubpages!