Wednesday, April 22, 2015

DIY Spring Necklaces

I'm really enjoying making these hand painted bead necklaces.  I've taken repurposed beads and painted them in a mix of colors using Q-tips to apply the paint.  I love this green and yellow necklace that I made last week to wear with a new blouse.

I put a step-by-step tutorial up on my Hubpages.

This is my latest creation.  I painted some wooden beads to look like silver, and added some turquoise accents.  I've been wearing this with a lot of outfits and loving it :)  Check out the tutorial here.

Monday, April 6, 2015

April is National Public Library Month - Celebrate by Making Some Watercolor Bookmarks!!

I love visiting my local library.  And in celebration of National Public Library month, Spring, and all good things - I decided to make some colorful watercolor bookmarks to use in my favorite books!

These bookmarks are surprisingly easy to make and decorate using a few fun watercolor techniques.  I used a mixture of crayons, sequin, salt, and yarn to make the lovelies you see above.  For the full details and directions, visit my tutorial on Hubpages!