Saturday, July 6, 2013

Best Laid Plans Go To Waste

I thought I was SOOOO smart this spring when I laid out my list of craft projects for the rest of the year.  This list didn't look too daunting and I thought I was giving myself plenty of time to accomplish my plans.  It seemed like it would be a productive, yet reasonable schedule.


From the beginning, my plans kind of hit the fan.

First, I found out that some friends were expecting a baby and had to sneak in another knitting project to make them a baby blanket.  You can see it on my list, added later, but now it's complete and I've sent to the expectant parents.

And then the painting I was doing as a present for my husband for our anniversary took much longer than I expected.  To be honest, it's still not done and our anniversary was in May (ugh).

Then, the yarn I wanted for my shawl projects was backordered so I had to find some other knitting projects to keep my hands busy at knit night.  At least I've completed the Chevron Cowl I have listed to work on this coming fall :)  And I've made a bunch of shawl pins for when my yarn does arrive and I can start my planned projects.

I have other excuses for not finishing (or even starting) the other projects on this list yet.  But in the end, it is now July and I haven't even finished some of my projects from April :(  I still plan to take on all these projects (maybe not painting my bureau), but my deadlines are on a rapid slide downward.  Sad face :(

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