Sunday, September 20, 2015

How to Fold a Fancy Napkin When You Don't Know How to Fold a Napkin

A few people have asked how I folded my linen napkin in the photos for my Scrap Fabric Leaves and Napkin Ring tutorial, so I decided to post some step-by-step photos here.  I like this folding method because it's easy and gives a nice casual look, but still feels special.  You could create a more formal look by pressing each fold in place.

Step 1:  Start with freshly washed and pressed napkins.  If your napkins are made of a light weight fabric, you may also want to give them a light starch.  My napkins are mid-weight, so I did not starch them before folding.  (They look creased in these photos, because I was unfolding my fancy fold).

Step 2:  Place your pressed napkin face down on your folding surface with one of your four corners pointed toward the 12 o'clock position.  Then take your bottom corner and fold it up toward your top corner but place it about an inch to an inch and a half below your top corner (see photo above).  You may want to press the fold you just created.  I didn't so that my folded napkin had a more casual look.

Step 3:  Fold the bottom section up so that you create a 2 to 3 inch band at the bottom (see photo above).  Again, you may choose to iron this fold.

Step 4:  Now turn your napkin over so that the right side is facing up (see photo above).

Step 5:  Take the right side of your long bottom band and fold it toward the left side.  Place it so it is about 1 inch short of meeting the left edge (see photo above).

Step 6:  Continue to fold your napkin toward the left side, creating a center section of your napkin that is about 3 inches wide and an even point at the top of your napkin (see photo).

Step 7:  Continue to fold your napkin to the left.

Step 8:  Fold the last remaining tab of your napkin over. 

Step 9:  Fold in half lengthwise to slip through a napkin ring if you choose and fan out the top of your napkin to show off your interesting folds.

Step 10:  Then check out my tutorial on how to create your own fall-inspired napkin rings!

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