Thursday, January 28, 2016

A New Necklace Made with Recycled Charms

I just finished this new beaded necklace, featuring some handmade charms made from recycled pet id tags.

I had made a few of these charms with images of birds on them, to make up a bracelet.  The tutorial for making these charms from various recycled materials is on my Hubpages.  Unfortunately, I'm not much  of a bracelet wearer, so my charm bracelet got very little use.

So instead, I chose a few of my favorite charms and strung them with some beads to make a new necklace.  It may not be everyone's style, but I really love how it came out.  I used a mix of my random beads, and tied them together by repeating black beads throughout the pattern.  I think the colors look great with my charms.

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