Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Blog Envy: Another Great DIY Blog!!

Here's another great blog that makes me wish I lived within her world:  DIY with Heather's Help.

from http://www.diyheather.com/

There's three things I really love about this blog:

1.  Heather shares really wonderful recipes and ideas (with gorgeous photos)!

2.  That she has the energy to make all these things (and blog about it).

3.  She has such beautiful plates and kitchen accessories (I'm jealous!)

Heather was so sweet to try one of my recipes from my Hubpages and blog about it.  (She even worked out how to modify the recipe using regular oatmeal.)  Thanks so much, Heather!!


  1. Thanks pretty lady! You totally made my day! I love when people appreciate (and envy) my dishes. My husband doesn't understand why we have 10 different-colored colanders ;P

  2. Wow! Ten colanders!! You do realize you could be spending that money on shoes, right? :)

    Either way, YOU and your blog ROCK!!!