Wednesday, October 30, 2013

No Crying Over a Broken Tile

I recently bought these bird ornaments at my local dollar store for a buck each.  I think they're cute and very appropriate - we have a pair of cardinals that nest in the rosebush in our backyard.

I have a special project planned for the near future using these ornaments, but for now they are hanging on the wall in the kitchen.  They are holding the space where this tile used to hang.

I've had this handmade tile for a number of years.  It's hung on the wall in every place I've lived.  Last weekend, it mysteriously fell and broke.  No one was near it at the time.  I'm a little sad, but maybe I can make something new with the pieces.  Meanwhile, I'm enjoying my new feathered friends :)


  1. The tile is super pretty; I like the contrasting colors. The birds are special though too :) I'm eager to see what you create. I have many of my pretty turqouise peacock dinner plates (you've seen them in pics) that are broken (they came broken in the mail). I've been been brainstorming now for almost two years about what to do with them.

  2. Heather - Have you thought about using your broken plates as mosaic pieces on a ceramic planter or flower pot? You can just glue them on using some type of special cement (I forget the name). You don't even need to grout it. Or, glue them in a mosaic pattern on plywood, frame it, and hang it on the wall!! It's a shame not to use those beautiful pieces.