Monday, February 3, 2014

{Food} Blog Envy (Again): Haniela's - from my kitchen to yours

I recently came across another wonderfully creative blog I wanted to share, Haniela's - from my kitchen to yours.


What first caught my attention what her recipe for homemade Valentine's Day S'mores.  Aren't they gorgeous?  So pretty - elegant even.

Her recipe includes directions for making homemade graham crackers AND your own marshmallow!  YIKES!  I must admit, I can't ever imagine making my own graham crackers and marshmallow.  However, this recipe has given me an idea for a simpler treat.  Using this same design, cut out sugar cookies, dip them part way in chocolate, and spread strawberry jam in between the top and bottom cookie.  This idea would make a very pretty cookie for a tea party, bridal or baby shower, or any special event!

Haniela's website is loaded with wonderful recipes.  I'm going to go see what else I can find there!  :)

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