Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March is the Month for Getting Things DONE

The month of March supposedly comes in like a lion.  And hopefully, I will have that aggressive energy to get a few projects completed that have been on my  To-Do list for way too long:

1.  I've wanted to paint this lampshade since I bought this lamp ALMOST TWO YEARS AGO!  Although I love the ceramic base, I think the shade is kind of blah.  I've had my plan to paint the shade set out for a long time.  I just need to get to it!  This is first on my list to do, so hopefully I will have some finished photos to post soon, soon, soon.

2.  This one's rather embarrassing:  last year, I had this great idea to create a series of small paintings for my husband for our wedding anniversary.  There were to be four paintings, each one based on a place we've lived or visited.  Great idea!

I started in plenty of time, a few months before our anniversary in May.  But...I never finished them.  Not sure why - I didn't really like they way they were coming along and I think I lost my groove.  So I'm going to try again this year :)  I have a new plan and renewed commitment for finishing them in time of our anni this year!

Wish me luck!  I may need it :)

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