Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Update: Rustic Metal Star Christmas Decoration

Before the holidays, I posted a tutorial on adding handmade touches to store-bought Christmas ornaments.  In my post, I mentioned that I thought I should find another frame for my rustic metal star decoration.

Well, over the holidays, I had to buy a cheap frame to use to replace the glass in picture frame which had broken.  Since I was buying this frame simply for the glass, I chose a simple wooden frame that I knew I could transform to work with my rustic star.

I painted my cheap wooden frame with acrylic paint in a blue/green teal color.  But while my paint was drying, I dipped my brush in some clean water and gently brushed it over the surface of my frame in long strokes.  This thinned my paint in places and let the original brown surface come through a little, giving my frame a slightly worn or aged surface.  It was exactly what I wanted.

Then I attached my rustic star to the frame and stuck my cardboard backing back in place.

We've been having rainy weather, so the colors are a bit off in my photos.  But I love how this rustic metal star looks on my holiday mantle.  Hope you had a wonderful holiday season!  Best wishes for a bright new year!

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